Publié le 30 octobre 2017

Capture d’écran 2017-10-30 à 02.32.59 Disponible en avant-première sur diesel.com  et Cléor.com

Hello Guys and happy back at it again with the #DIESEL SMARTWATCHES last Thursday i have the best night ever yes #DieselOn  fly me to Milano for the release party of  the new DIESEL smartwatch that i already presented you on my previous post. So i went to Milano to attend the evening in the ITALIAN store and  it was LIT AF i got to discover news models and learn more about the new technologies that DIESEL brought to the world and also got the chance to meet and talk with THE MEN behind the design of those flawless  watches AKA Mr ANDREA ROSSO he was so kind and easy going we talk about the vision he had, designing those watches, it was great meeting him. Then i got to party, dance and drink all over the diesel store which is huge and beautiful. Since i have the watches she never disappointed me and i encourage you guys to get one ( link on top) enjoy my little Vlog about the night hope you likes it.

xoxo Le Yoanne

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