Publié le 9 décembre 2015

DSC_5959 - copie WATCH / DIESEL 

This year is probably the busiest for me between school, work, blogging, workout, appointment. I need to be organize and on time everywhere. I’m not really a watch person because I’m the kind guy who will pull out is iPhone to check the hours (#NotDoingAppelPublicity). But since i got my eyes on this masculine and strong #DIESELDADDY 2.0 my mind totally changes about watches. This gorgeous piece of art makes me feel like a real man strong and powerful. I love the new esthetic of this #dieselwatch. Diesel just step up the watches game to another flawless level. #WatchOnFleek DSC_5938 DSC_5936 - copie DSC_5948 DSC_5960 DSC_5908 DSC_5947 - copie

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