Publié le 1 décembre 2015

DSC_4564 Shirt ASOS| Coat RIVER ISLAND | Jeans H&M | Boots H&M 

Bonjour everyone, I always talk about Paris like this beautiful bright city that i fall in love and feel lucky to live there. but today i don’t really feel the same way about it. We’ve  been attacked twice since last year by barbarians, evil, mean monsters. I could be one of the victims, cause two weeks ago one of the 3 attacks happen on a famous street full of bars, where i use to chill a lot. And only ten minutes away from my place. It could have been there. So don’t only « PRAY FOR PARIS » but  pray for the world, to make it a better place everywhere. I shoot this look at « Place des Victoires » witch is a symbolic place in Paris, to represent that even in the dark days we won’t give up cause we are victorious.

image image IMG_0256.JPG image image DSC_4607 - copie Photos par Daniel George

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