Publié le 29 août 2014

IMG_0767 T-shirt  Moschino| Jeans Hugo Boss | Shoes Nike 

MOSCHINO is one of the coolest brand i know so far their close are always fancy and cosy in the same time just like this Hugo boss Jean, one of my fave i wear him eles twice on a week, but since i squat he becoming a little tige for my legs and especially my ass but who care, like i use to say « bigger is the cake, better he taste » (#nosecondthoug »).

And lets me introduce you by the way my very first pair of NIKE running, i Never find the right outfit to combine it with, but with this red MOSCHINO is just perfect #SneakerAreTheNewLouboutin. i shout this look at the red door of the Paroisse Saint-Paul,  in Le Marais, there is so many cool place in paris, so i just pick it up .

 Enjoy xoxo

IMG_0736 copie IMG_0788 IMG_0727 IMG_0793 IMG_0748


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